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questions :Food of water turtle
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Measure stocking "water hyacinth". The water hyacinth is kept in the breeding box. It can not only purify water and shade, but also can be eaten directly by pet turtles. Even more beautiful!

1. Food choices. Yellow throat is omnivorous, and many materials have described its recipes. In the actual breeding process, except for fish, shrimp, and meat, yellow throat basically dismisses vegetarian food. Yellow throat loves shrimp! You can eat shrimp as a staple food (certain Go to the head to avoid "shrimp gun" stabbing pet turtle's esophagus). It can increase pet red turtle's body red and calcium supplement.
2. Feeding frequency. Feed once every other day, 7-8 minutes full each time. The pet turtles raised in the family have a small amount of activity. Don't let him "make" enough at once! After feeding, let it digest one day, and then feed it the next day.

3. Feeding time. It's best at 7 or 8 in the morning, and pet turtles lazily bask in the sun after eating.


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