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questions :hydrostatic extrusion
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The high-pressure medium used in hydrostatic extrusion generally includes viscous liquid and viscoplastic body. The former, such as castor oil, mineral oil, etc., are mainly used for cooling liquid extrusion and warm and hot hydrostatic extrusion below 500 ~ 600 ℃; the latter, such as heat-resistant grease, glass, glass-graphite mixture, etc., are mainly used for comparison Hot hydrostatic extrusion of high melting point metals (extrusion of billet heating temperature above 700 ° C).
As with ordinary extrusion methods, hydrostatic extrusion can be performed at different temperatures as needed. Generally, the extrusion process when the metal and the high-pressure medium are at room temperature is called cooling liquid extrusion; the extrusion process below the recrystallization temperature of the deformed metal above room temperature is called warm hydrostatic extrusion; and at the recrystallization temperature The above extrusion process is called hot hydrostatic extrusion.


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