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Platycladus orientalis is an arbor with a height of more than 20 meters and a breast diameter of 1 meter; the bark is thin, light gray-brown, split longitudinally into strips; the branches extend upward or obliquely, the young tree has an oval pinnacle shape, and the old tree has a broad circle Shaped; branchlets of scaly leaves thin, straight or obliquely upward, flattened, lined up in a plane.

Leaf scales, 1-3 mm long, apex slightly obtuse, the exposed part of the leaf in the center of the branchlets is obovate rhombus or rhombic, strip gland groove in the middle of the back, leaf boat shape on both sides, apex slightly incurved, dorsal There is a blunt ridge, and there are glandular spots under the pointed head.

The male bulb is yellow, oval, about 2 mm long; the female bulb is nearly spherical, about 2 mm in diameter, blue-green, white powdered.
The cone is nearly oval, 1.5-2 (-2.5) cm long, nearly succulent before maturity, blue-green, white powdered, woody, cracked, reddish brown after maturity; the middle two pairs of seed scales are obovate or elliptic, the top of the scale back The lower part has a pointed head that curves outward, the upper pair of seed scales is narrow and long, nearly columnar, the top has a pointed tip, and the lower pair of seed scales is extremely small, up to 13 mm long, sparsely degraded and not obvious.

Seeds are oval or nearly elliptical, slightly pointed at the top, gray-brown or purple-brown, 6-8 mm long, slightly ridged, wingless or with very narrow wings. Flowering period from March to April, cones mature in October.

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