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questions :Examine the world system theory of immanuel walker stein
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The entire world should be considered as a single whole; the only legal and meaningful unit of analysis in social science is a historical system with a single, complete, extensive, and self-sufficient social division of labor. There is a knowledge structure in today’s modern world system The crisis: various disciplines are enveloped by a belief: it seems that knowledge is certain; in fact, knowledge is truly and always uncertain. Three conditions are necessary for the rise of the capitalist world economy from the "ravages" of feudalism: The geographical expansion caused by exploitation and colonization, the development of different methods of labor control in various parts of the world economy (such as the center and the periphery), and the development of a powerful country in the center of the capitalist world economy.The modern world system is divided into three dimensions: an integrated world economy, a multi-ethnic state system, and a multicultural body; the world economy is the economic functional body of the modern world system and the decisive factor for the existence and development of the political and cultural bodies. Once the world system is established, it will operate around two dichotomies: one is class, namely the proletariat and the bourgeoisie; the other is the spatial hierarchy of economic specialization, namely the central and peripheral regions; "unequal exchange" and "capital accumulation "It is the driving force behind the operation of this system.Historical capitalism is not a progress but a regression. Industrial workers account for only a small part of the world’s population, and the vast majority of the world’s labor force, that is, those living in rural areas or flowing between rural and urban slums, their status It’s worse than their ancestors. Political democracy is not about whether there is a multi-party system, but whether workers have their own power; only their own power can reflect their own opinions, and they simply think that the two parties’ party struggles make voters’ opinions. It is unrealistic and naive to get the embodiment, because the voters’ intentions are not only determined by which party is better, but also more complicated factors interfere with the people’s choices...

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