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The tachometer is one of the necessary instruments in the machinery industry. It is used to measure the speed, linear speed or frequency of the motor. The pointer indication conforms to the traditional visual recognition habits, and it is convenient for computer remote processing and network requirements, so the digital stepping motor instrument is modern With the development trend of automobile instrument and motorcycle instrument, Switec's stepper motor has been widely used in various automobiles, motorcycles and engineering machinery instruments at home and abroad. The micro stepper motor for vehicles is a special new type of automobile instrument accessories. The instrument designed with it not only conforms to the traditional visual recognition habits but also meets the requirements of digital processing. It is an ideal accessory for modern instruments. It is often used in manufacturing industries such as motors, fans, papermaking, plastics, chemical fiber, washing machines, automobiles, airplanes, ships, etc..Most commonly used are handheld centrifugal tachometers. Tachometer measurement is essential in all areas of the national economy...
Application industry

Machinery Industry


Motor speed, linear speed or frequency

Applicable field

Aircraft, ships and other manufacturing industries


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