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questions :Explain electrophilic addictin reaction in alkyness
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Electrophilic bonus

Acetylene and its substitutes are similar to olefins and can also undergo electrophilic addition reactions, but because the electronegativity of sp carbon atoms is stronger than that of sp2 carbon atoms, the electrons and sp carbon atoms are more closely bound, although The triple bond has a pair of electrons more than the double bond, and it is not easy to give electrons to combine with the electrophile, so the electrophilic addition reaction of the triple bond is slower than the electrophilic addition reaction of the double bond.

Acetylene and its derivatives can react with two molecules of electrophiles. First, it reacts with a molecule of reagent to generate alkene derivatives, and then reacts with another molecule of reagent to generate saturated compounds. When asymmetric reagents and alkynes are added, Markov’s rule is also followed, and most additions are trans-additions.


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