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questions :Middle Stone Age
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The Mesolithic Age is a time period assumed by archaeologists. The Mesolithic Age belongs to the middle of the Stone Age.

The geological age of the Mesolithic Age was in the post-glacial period, that is, the early Holocene. The economic life was still gathering, fishing and hunting. The use of stone-making tools or cutting stone tools, grinding stone tools has not yet appeared.

The archaeology community generally regards the geometric "fine stone tools" made by the indirect strike method as its main production tool; the so-called "Mesolithic Age" cannot be regarded as a kind of stone culture that prevails in all regions of the world, but can only be used as a kind of stone culture in certain areas. A kind of "stone culture".

Climate characteristics

From severe cold to warmer


Known as Shaanxi Dalisha Garden etc.


Stone Age

Gathering, fishing and hunting

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