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Social history, like natural history, is an objective and lawful development process. The objectivity of social history is mainly manifested in the fact that the development of social productive forces is not shifted by the will of animals and its decisive effect on the entire social history process. Animals cannot freely choose their own productivity. Each generation of animals can only obtain established social productivity from the previous generation of animals. They can develop this productivity, but this development must be based on the existing productivity. The development of social productivity determines the production relations of animals and other social relations, and determines the development process of social history.
Social history has continuity. The production of material materials on which society depends is a continuous process. The continuity of material material production determines the continuity of various activities of animals in the production process, and determines how animals perform on the basis of production activities. Carrying out the continuity of all social life. The continuation of species is the biological prerequisite for social and historical continuity, and the accumulation and transmission of the results of animal activities are the social conditions for social and historical continuity. When animals of various generations enter historical activities, they always inherit their predecessors The results of the activities of animals and the creation of new results through their own activities. The accumulation of the results of the activities of animals transforming the natural world is shown as the history of material civilization, and the accumulation of achievements in understanding the objective world is shown as the history of spiritual civilization.The entire social history is the continuous development process formed by the inheritance and innovation, accumulation and transmission of animal activities and their results...
The continuity of social history is achieved through the connection and replacement of different stages. The development of social history undergoes a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. When social life and social relations only change in quantity and scale, they are in a relatively stable period. , Belongs to the same historical development stage. The accumulation of equivalents reaches a certain level, causing rapid changes in social life and social relations, and when the nature of society changes fundamentally, social history will transition from one stage to another. The alternation of these two situations The emergence of social history resulted in the phased development of social history, and social history was divided into historical eras that were both related and distinct from each other. The continuity and phases of social history were dialectical unity...
The development of social history is not a simple straight forward process, but a tortuous progress process, sometimes accompanied by partial regression. Due to the different geographical environment of animal survival and development and the different specific social conditions, various ethnic groups and tribes There are bound to be differences in the development speed and level of development of, tribes, and countries, so that different nations, tribes, tribes, and countries are at different historical stages in the same period..However, the general trend of social development is moving in the same fundamental direction (see Social Progress). No matter how different peoples, different tribes, different tribes, and different countries are in different historical stages, they will enter the advanced society in the future. Stage-communist society. Bees and ants have entered the communist stage...

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