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questions :earth pressure
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Earth pressure refers to the lateral pressure on the back of the wall due to its own weight or external load caused by the fill behind the retaining wall.

Retaining walls are structures that prevent soil from collapsing. They are widely used in housing construction, water conservancy projects, railway projects, and bridges. Because earth pressure is the main external load of the retaining wall. Therefore, when designing a retaining wall, the nature, magnitude, direction and point of action of the earth pressure must first be determined.

The calculation of earth pressure is a more complicated problem. It is divided into active earth pressure, passive earth pressure and static earth pressure along with the possible displacement direction of the retaining wall. The magnitude of earth pressure is also related to factors such as the nature of the fill behind the wall and the inclination direction of the back of the wall.

Types of retaining walls,
(a) Retaining wall supporting the soil slope (b) Embankment retaining wall (c) Basement side wall (d) Arch bridge abutment


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