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questions :(1,)-Definition of sports psychology ?Discuss the Growth and Davalopment ?
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The branch of educational psychology that studies the formation and development of the psychological activities and psychological qualities of teachers and students in the process of physical education. Its main contents are: physical education psychology, physical training psychology and psychological training, sports competition psychology, personality characteristics and physical education training, physical education Teacher psychology, sports psychology, sports morality psychology, and sports collective psychology. The research of sports psychology first required the use of psychological theories to analyze human sports actions. Because the two concepts of sports and exercise have long been considered as meanings They are the same, so there is no distinction in many works. With the development of sports science, there is a tendency to distinguish sports and sports concepts..This is the case in relevant Chinese societies and colleges, such as the Sports Psychology Association under the Chinese Sports Science Association, and the Sports Psychology Professional Committee under the Chinese Psychological Association. The National Sports Commission compiled the "Sports Psychology" The textbook is compiled and used by the normal colleges and universities affiliated to the State Education Commission is the textbook "Sports Psychology" (see Sports Psychology)...


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