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Until now, scholars at home and abroad have not been able to come to a conclusive conclusion. In addition to the multi-dimensional perspective, there are objective ambiguities from the perspective of linguistics. Broadly speaking, culture is the sum of human spiritual life and material life. Just kidding, one It is a cultural phenomenon for a man to stand on a street corner and spit out. If there are two women, one humming and the other humming, the culture is much more complicated. The generality of culture leads to people who study culture, There is often the embarrassment that a dog chews a hedgehog and it’s hard to make a mouth. American cultural anthropologist Lowell said: I was entrusted with a difficult job, which is to talk about culture. But in this world, there is nothing more difficult to grasp than culture..We can’t analyze it because its components are endless, and we can’t describe it because it has no fixed shape. We want to use words to scope its meaning, just like catching air in our hands. When we look for culture Time, except not in our hands, it is everywhere. Huhu, at this point, students will find that this guy has copied our Taoist ancestor, try Lao Tzu’s original words: if you don’t see the name, you can’t hear it. Said Xi, the stroke cannot be called the micro, these three cannot be questioned, so they are mixed together. The upper part is not ridiculous, the lower part is not ignorant, the rope is not named, returning to nothing, it is the state of nothing, nothing Elephant is called trance.We will not see the first, and then we will not see the next... Without translation, everyone can see that Lowell copied Lao Tzu and only changed the name. Lao Tzu is talking about the truth, and the latter is changed to culture. Here Just kidding...

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