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questions :What is a craft?
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Handmade craftsmanship has a long history of production in the Chinese people and is a treasure of the Chinese culture and art. With its long history, exquisite skills, rich categories, and handed down masterpieces, it has been well-known at home and abroad. For thousands of years, traditional handicraft products have always been It is a major characteristic industry representing the Chinese nation. Traditional handicrafts are both cultural works of art and daily necessities, which are closely related to people’s lives. Fashion crafts are so prosperous and popular in modern cities, it is indeed a very strange phenomenon..Some people say that this is because of nostalgia, it is a reminiscence of the past years of handicraft; others say that this is because modern cities have curbed the opportunity for people to do it, and fashion handicraft has become a means for parents to improve their children's hands-on ability; , This is purely an emotion, a way of self-relaxation and narcissism...
In today’s pursuit of individualization, handmade craftsmanship has become irresistibly popular around us with its unique artistic charm, decorative and practical performance, and the joy of handwork. It penetrates all aspects of our lives like the wind, bringing Great market prospects.
With the continuous development of science and technology today, machines as production tools have increasingly reduced people’s manual labor; the increasingly developed electronic computers not only accurately perform mathematical operations, but can also translate one language into another language instead of People’s mental work. The emergence of modern robots can not only replace human hands to operate dangerous tasks or experiments, but also use it to engage in artistic creation. For example, use it to write, paint, embroider... It is assumed that humans will create by hand in the near future. All of the artworks in the world will gradually be replaced by technological products such as electronic computers.In the past, pottery, weaving, paper tie, toys, etc., which were closely related to people’s lives in the past, slowly became unknown to no one. With the impact of modernization, traditional craftsmanship is quietly passing away from us. What has disappeared is the communication between people and things, the harmony between life and nature. Today, there is a dazzling array of daily necessities and handicrafts, but there is no body temperature and emotion left by the producer.....

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