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The simplest structure of a cube is a fact table and multiple dimension tables, which consist mainly of dimension foreign keys and measures, and dimension tables consist of n key pairs (e.g. xxID, xxName)
The simplest understanding is the cube, the fact table is the core, the dimension table wraps the fact table to form a three-dimensional surface, and the facet of the cube means that the facts are viewed from a different perspective
Dimensions can be shared, for example, basically a multi-dimensional library has only one time dimension
Dimension table is actually very pure, do not complicate it, take the time dimension as an example, we will think that the date and specific time and minute seconds is a dimension, in fact, do not do so, first of all, this will be invisible to increase a lot of dimension data volume, and secondly decomposed into two dimensions will be more suitable for design, but also more suitable for business, when making reports can check the date dimension (year and day), you can also check the time dimension (morning / afternoon). Some sales records, can be taken apart to look at each period of sales, analysis of customer habits


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