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questions :what is intracellular fluid
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In-cell fluid is the body fluid contained in the body cell as a whole called in-cell fluid, the average water content of cells is about 70%, the amount of in-cell fluid is about 40% of body weight (women account for about 35% of body weight). This is because the vast majority of in-cell fluid is present in skeletal muscle groups, women's muscles are not as developed as men, but the body fat is more (fat content is only 10% to 30%), so women's in-cell fluid as a percentage of weight is lower. The important cations in the in-cell fluid are K-plus (about 150mmol/L), Mg2-plus (20mmol/L), and the main anions are P3-and proteins.
Body fluids are an umbrella of all liquid components in higher animal cells, excluding plants. The body fluid also includes the in-cell fluid and the extracellular fluid. The in-cell fluid mainly includes the cytokine substate, the nuclear fluid, the cellular fluid of the cytostic device's substring; Extracellular fluid: mainly tissue fluid, plasma (non-blood), lymphatic, cerebrospinal fluid.

Human body fluids account for about 65% of the body weight, most of which are present in cells, called in-cell fluids, are the basic components of protosurogen; A small part is present outside the cell, called extracellular fluid. In-cell fluids account for about two-thirds of body fluids.

In-cell fluid is not cell fluid. Cell fluid is a liquid in a bubble that is only available in mature plant cells. The definition of in-cell fluid is limited to higher animals and does not include plants.

2/3 of the fluid in the adult body



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