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Lan Xiaohua, a famous scholar, believes that there are two extreme ways of market segmentation: complete market segmentation and no market segmentation; There is a series of transition segmentation patterns between the two extremes.

1. Full market segmentation
The so-called complete segmentation is that each consumer in the market is a separate sub-market, enterprises according to the different needs of each consumer to produce different products for them. Theoretically, only small markets with a small number of consumers can be fully segmented, which is unealable for businesses. Despite this, there is still a large market in some industries, such as aircraft manufacturing, and the "custom marketing" that has become popular in recent years is the result of a complete segmentation of the market.

2. No market segmentation
"No market segmentation means that the needs of every consumer in the market are exactly the same, or that the business intends to ignore the differences between the needs of consumers rather than segment the market."

As far as the consumer market is concerned, the segmentation variables are summarized mainly by geographical and environmental factors, demographic factors, consumer psychology factors, consumer behavior factors, consumption benefit factors and so on. There are geographical segmentation, population segmentation, psychological segmentation, behavior segmentation, benefit segmentation of the five basic forms of market segmentation.

3. Subdivide by a standard
Subdivision by a standard is for products that are more versatile and less picky, and specify the criteria that have the greatest impact on buyers. For example, in the children's book market, the main factor affecting this market is age. First of all, according to the age of the market can be divided into pre-school children's market, school-age children's market, children's book market.

4. Comprehensive standard segmentation

Most products are influenced by a variety of consumer factors. Select more than two criteria for a business segment and segment the entire market from multiple perspectives at the same time. For example, the milk powder market can choose age, the pursuit of interests, the use of time to segment.

5. Multi-layered segmentation

Use more than two factors to gradually segment the market in a certain order.

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