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questions :Important of time series
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Is time important to us, important, very important. There are so many things in the world that are unfair, why are you poor and not rich? Why do your parents always quarrel, and other people's parents are loving, these may not be able to change the status quo, that can only be accepted.
But relative to the time is fair, we have 24 hours a day, this depends on how you control these 24 hours, the same 24 hours, why people in the work can still insist on running, writing, reading and so on, and you are a thing is not good, should be a lot of young people have such a phenomenon, I also have, also often occur, this is because you can not control the time, time in their own hands, or simply do not realize the importance of time.
Public's article is about the benefits of time management and early-morning people, one of the questions in the article is that you recall yesterday and the week, what you did, what inspired you, and then I think Monday to Sunday did what you did, completed only the task of work, but the task is not efficiently completed, barely can be completed, and finally came to the conclusion that I wasted a lot of time, did not do anything, never knew there was time to manage this thing.
It is often said that the harder you work, the luckier you are, but blind efforts will not only keep you moving forward, but will also make you back, please stop ineffective efforts. Time is the same, we only have so much time, a day can not cross 24 hours, to do is how to use these time efficiently.Should be a lot of people have heard the law of 28, our energy is limited, and their energetic time period is not the same, 20% of the time is the most energetic, this time period can do efficient things, 80% of things will be easier to distract, plagiarize a cat The teacher is a night owl, the day is not very good, but at night is energetic, full of strength, and I am energetic in the morning, to 11:30 p.m. do not sleep, will have been dozing, at night tried not to sleep at 12 o'clock, When sleepy when washed face back to the computer, after two minutes or doze off; I've also tried to sing and post big words in front of the computer, and my brain is simply sleeping unconsciously on the table,When I get up in the morning, I don't know when I fell asleep,.
Later found themselves pondering the time period is relatively exuberant, and finally found that they are in good spirits in the morning, can be more focused on doing things, can sit down and write for a few hours, from then on I became an early type of person, every morning at 5 o'clock to read, write a novel plot, although very rotten dog blood, but believe that they can do better than a day, and I enjoy this morning very quiet state, no one disturbed, want to do anything, and then saw a teacher insist on 4 o'clock for more than four years, Then I wanted to try to do 4 o'clock up, just hung up the alarm clock to continue to sleep, to 5 o'clock naturally woke up, I know it is the role of the biological clock, I will be a week as an experiment, and statistics, three days can be 4 o'clock up,There are four days to get up at 5 o'clock, those three days between 4 and 5 o'clock this time period efficiency is not as good as after 5 o'clock in the morning, and efficiency is better than the evening, so they did not put a lot of pressure on themselves to must get up at 4 o'clock,.
By chance, I don't know if the inspirational story in Harvard's 4:30 a.m. book is true, I just know that the people inside Harvard are very, can do one thing without day and night, why can I insist on getting up at four o'clock, why should I rely on 5 o'clock up, this hour I can do a lot of things, can do yoga, can read, can write things, can also create the plot of the novel, why do I want to waste a lot, Find yourself still in the comfort zone, refused to change, bedding so warm, but also often comfort themselves to sleep enough to have vitality, otherwise there will be dark circles, is this reason to let oneself repeatedly degenerate, every day an hour to learn,Less than an hour a day, 30 hours less a month, 365 hours less a year, this can read how many books ah, think of their own time are chilling...
Time management and financial management are the same truth. Is the so-called why financial management, financial management is to figure out where your money spent, clear your life, so that their lives to a higher level. The financial management teacher said a word to our students, "after learning to manage money will be very critical of their own, will have their own money will be used in useful places, spend a sum of money will consider whether the money should not be spent, is rational consumption." There are a lot of young people who can't save money just when they see an item that's very attractive and want to buy it, and then buy it without even considering what it's going to do to you. This thing may be of little or little use to you.Or think about why you need to be so critical of yourself, but the core of financial management is not to save money, is to recognize where their money is spent, by a quantitative process, a week or month to count how much money spent, which can be avoided, those are necessary to spend, so that their own spending has a clear process...
Financial management this truth many people understand, because people often say to save some money to spend, do not spend big, this will save money, to spend a penny and two halves, but in time management many people just say to cherish time, but the concept of time management is only a very vague concept, but there is no specific approach. Because money is tangible, can see, touch, spend money to experience your hands. And time is invisible, has been quietly passing, you a distracted will let you a few minutes disappear.
But now there are a lot of time management courses, can let us have a great change in time management, completely subverted our thinking, is no longer a methodology, just tell you how to use their own time efficiently specific practices, so time management already exists in our side, to grow up must start from the time management and knowledge management system.

Effective time management involves four quadrants:

The first quadrant is urgently important, and this type is that time is urgent and important, cannot be avoided or delayed, and must be given priority. e.g. negotiation of important items, important meetings, etc.
The second quadrant is not urgent and important, so-called proactive, a lot of things before it happens to do a lot of very relevant preparation,

We all know that reading is very important, the book has its own golden house, want to read, but reading to insist on effective, need small fire slow, need plenty of time to prepare. Why do many authors write books, they like writing, writing is a very important thing for them, so every day to improve a little, and the better the article is written, the text from the beginning of the green to the final maturity.
The third quadrant is urgent and not important, such as friends playing mahjong three missing one, very urgent, very much need you to come over, and you can not wipe face, do not know how to refuse, and then go, but playing mahjong for you is not important ah, to learn to refuse, do something important to you, is really free to read more books.

The fourth quadrant is not urgent is not important, very typical is chasing drama, chatting, wandering, this is enough to eat and drink enough to do nothing. But if it's for writing, watching TV and watching movies isn't unseeded, it should be attributed to non-urgent but important, which can be thought out from the plot, what I can write, what my point of view is.
The purpose of the plan is to sort the tasks to be performed each day, fill them into four quadrants, and then complete them efficiently as planned.
We all want to grow up, we want to meet a group of positive, energetic, want to be slash youth, want to have their own sky in the metropolis, want to succeed, but none of this comes empty-handed. Why should a good person be friends with you, how can you become a slash youth, how can you succeed, this should be a lot of people's questions? You sleep late every weekend, after work is either with friends to watch shopping and watching TV, or their own pursuit of watching Korean drama, books bought back after turning over three pages from now on in the corner covered with gray layer, or you say you come back from work very tired need news, and so on will go to see the book to learn, but this day will never come.This is already the illusion that many young people want to grow up, can not walk out of their comfort zone and into the study area, let you get up early to study, you would like, maybe a day or two is up, but just can't stick to it...
A lot of things are expensive to insist on, develop habits, many successful people are adhere to get up early for many years, has long formed like eating, walking the same consciousness, do not have to specifically to train.

That's why only 20 percent are successful, while the other 80 percent are regulars. Time to spend time on irrelevant things, do you think you will succeed, only their own time to use efficiently, their own growth, thinking change, attitude be positive, slash youth is very willing to be friends with you ah, because your values are very similar, have a common interest.
Time management is not in control, to control their own life, their own mind, how to control their own life through their own time, time management like knowledge management, is a system, not to say that through their own time record even if it is a complete time management system, time record is only the beginning of a system, but also to find out their own energetic point in time, improve their concentration, and so on, so time management is a large system, Learning to learn time management systematically will be of great benefit to your life, will grow faster than others, and the life you want will follow.So why still rely on the bed, quickly get up to learn time management, will not waste time...

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