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questions :Effect of occupational stress
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1. The psychological impact of occupational stress

For workers, the simplest and most obvious psychological consequence of overwork stress is a decline in job satisfaction. Stress and dissatisfaction often follow when an individual's work is complex, the way he or she works is too monotonous, performance feedback bodies and mechanisms are inadequate, and there is a lack of control over the job, often accompanied by confusion and conflict of roles, which can lead to a loss of interest in the job. In addition to the decline in job satisfaction, there are other psychological symptoms such as stress, anxiety, irritability, and low mood.

2, occupational stress on the impact of sleeping eyes
The negative energy of the blast shed will keep you up all night, looking at the ceiling and opening your eyes until dawn. The effects of lack of sleep on the body's immune function can not be ignored , tired of the day to go home , sleep badly at night , the equivalent of a big night shift , so that the body can bear it ? Long-term unhappy work doubles the risk of major illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


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