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questions :maximum power theorem
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The maximum power transmission the therm is the the therology that the load gets the maximum power when it matches the power supply. The the theology is divided into dc circuit and AC circuit, the content is shown below.

DC circuit

The source linear resistor single-port network (Ro>0) transmits the maximum power to the variable resistance load RL under the condition that the load resistance RL is equal to the output resistance Ro of the single-port network. When the RL-Ro condition is met, it is called the maximum power match, at which point the load resistor RL gets the maximum power: Pmax-Uoc-2/4R0.

AC circuit
If a sine-steady single-mouth network is powered to a loaded ZL-RL-jXL, if the single-mouth network can be replaced by a Vedning (also known as Davidnan) equivalent circuit (where Zo>Ro>JXo, Ro>0), When the load impedance is equal to the conjugate complex number containing the source single-port network output impedance (i.e., the resistance component is equal, the electrical resistance component is only numerically equal and the symbol is opposite), the load can obtain the maximum average power Pmax-Uoc-2/4R0. This match, called conjugate matching, is often required in the design of communications and electronic devices to satisfy conjugate matching in order to maximize the load.


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