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questions :percarbonate soduiun decontamination
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Overcarbonate washing machine tank cleaner
The performance and evaluation methods related to carbonate washing machine tank cleaner were studied. Methods Experimental research was carried out by suspended quantitative sterilization test, metal corrosive test and field test. Results with 6. 25g/L percarbonate washing machine tank cleaning agent aqueous solution, the effect of 120min, the average kill rate of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, white candida is 100%, 9998%, 99. 91%, the concentration of organic matter increased, the sterilization effect decreased significantly.Fill the washing machine with water to the highest water level. Added washing machine tank cleaning agent 250g, the effect of 120min, so that the average killing rate of microorganisms in washing machine water 9845%, the second injection of water after the detection of washing machine tank microorganism removal rate of 8327%, After the third water injection, the removal rate of washing machine tank microorganisms was measured at 9201%. The percarbonate washing machine cleaner was basically non-corrosive to stainless steel, mild corrosion of copper and aluminum, moderate corrosion of carbon steel...


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