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questions :trimetobenzamid (N-(4-(2 (Dimetil amino)ethoxy)benzil)- 3,4,5-trimethobenzamide)
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Trilobites are the most representative ancient animals that appeared in the Cambrian period 560 million years ago, 500 million to 430 million years ago to the peak, to 240 million years ago the Mesozoic period completely extinct, before and after the survival of more than 320 million years on Earth, it can be seen that this is a kind of life-enhancing creatures. Over a long period of time, they have evolved a wide variety of species, some as long as 70 cm long, and some as long as 2 mm. The back armor is two back ditches longitudinally divided into one shaft leaf and two rib leaves, so it is called trilobite.


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