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questions :Catabolic pathways
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First, the breakdown of metabolism:
1. Glycolysis (oxygenated oxidation of sugar)
2. Citric acid cycle (oxidation of sugar)
3. Phosphate glycose pathway
Second, anabolic:
1. Glycogen synthesis (converted to hepatosaccharin or myoglobin)
2. Sugar isogenic (converted to non-sugar substances such as fats, non-essential amino acids)! Sugar metabolism is carried out by anaerobic and aerobic breathing, which includes fermentation, which typically produces ethanol or lactic acid in animals and plants, and aerobic breathing, which is normal for normal animals and plants, with the final product of decomposition being carbon dioxide and water.Sugar metabolism generally has three ways: anaerobic conditions, glucose is dissolved by glycolytes to produce acetone acid, and then by lactic acid fermentation to produce lactic acid (plants by ethanol fermentation to produce ethanol); Sugar breaks down and metabolizes in all tissues of the human body. There are three main ways, namely aerobic enzyme solution, aerobic oxidation and phosphate glycosaccharide pathway...


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