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questions :Anabolic pathways
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Dopamine synthesis pathway: The first step in dopamine synthesis is the absorption of tyrosine in food, which is rich in food protein. In addition, phenylalanine in food can be converted into tyrosine in both phenylalanine serotonin in the liver and tyrosine serotonin (TH) in dopamine neurons, which is transported to the brain by a low affinity amino acid transport system and then by a low or high affinity amino acid transport system to dopamine neurons. Once tyrosine enters neurons and is catalyzed by TH in the cytoplasm, it shifts to the left-handed dopah, a process that is also a step towards the speed limit of the restricted speed enzyme TH in dopamine synthesis.The third step in dopamine synthesis is the transition of L-dopa in cytoplasm to dopamine under the action of aromatic amino acid deoxyripase (AADC). AADC can make L-dopa highly effective dehydration, under normal circumstances this amino acid level in the brain is low, and the normal target area of the new striatum black matter AADC content is rich. DA is the main end product of the above enzyme reaction, the function of other trace amine products is not clear...


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