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questions :polyester what is?
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Polyester ( PET ) is a polymer compound. Polyphthalates (PET) are produced by the indentation of benzoic acid (PTA) and eg, some of which are finally produced by underwater granulation. Fiber-grade polyester slices used in the manufacture of polyester short fiber and polyester filament, is the supply of polyester fiber enterprise processing fiber and related products raw materials, polyester as the largest variety of chemical fiber production, occupying nearly 80% of the chemical fiber industry market share, so polyester series market changes and trends are the focus of the chemical fiber industry.At the same time polyester also has bottles, films and other uses, widely used in packaging industry, electrical and electronic appliances, health care, construction, automotive and other fields, of which packaging is the largest non-fiber application market for polyester, but also PET's fastest growing field. Polyester slices can be said to be an important intermediate product connecting petrochemical products and multiple industry products...


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