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DMSO was discovered in 1866 by Soviet-Russian doctor Alexander M. Saytzeff. In the 1950s, British scientists discovered it could be used as an antifreeze to store bone marrow and blood cells. A by-product of this unique wooden pulp industry, it can also be used as an industrial solvent and paint thinner.
After numerous experiments, Herschler found that DMSO mixes certain antibiotics and anti-mold agents that can penetrate and enter the plant's circulatory system. Some chemicals do, but DMSO differs from other chemicals in that it does not change or damage the protective membrane of the outer layer of plant cells.
Herschler notified his old friend Dr. Jack Bo, then an associate professor of surgery at oregon University, after discovering that DMSO might have a medical use. Jackber specializes in cryogenic biology and is involved in freezing and preserving transplanted organs. Because of his work, he knew dmSO had antifreeze properties, but he was surprised to be able to penetrate the cell membrane. Even more surprising is that DMSO can carry certain substances through the skin into the bloodstream.

Preliminary animal studies have shown that DMSO is lowly toxic. Experiments with himself and others have shown that DMSO can quickly relieve pain, stop headaches, and even quickly recover from hamstring sprains and burns.


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