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questions :Teqnique of industrial analysis
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The National Planning Teaching Materials for Secondary Vocational Education: Industrial Analysis Technology is based on the Industrial Analysis and Inspection Professional Teaching Plan for Secondary Vocational Education (CBE model) approved by the Ministry of Education in 2000 and the curriculum syllabus of the Industrial Analysis Technology approved in 2001, which summarizes many years of CBE reform and teaching experience and is based on the actual needs of the development and production of secondary vocational and technical education today.

The National Planning Teaching Materials for Secondary Vocational Education: Industrial Analysis Technology is a teaching material for industrial analysis and inspection of secondary vocational education and may also be used as a training material or reference book for analytical and inspection staff.
"National Planning Materials for Secondary Vocational Education: Industrial Analysis Technology" is equipped with "Industrial Analysis Technology" multimedia CD-ROM, CD-ROM content to each special ability as a basic module, in each basic unit set up learning guidance, important knowledge points, instrument introduction, operational demonstration, simulation experiments, self-testing and other learning columns, according to different learning needs to choose learning content, but also to carry out systematic learning. This courseware focuses on strengthening the students' practical ability, focusing on the standardized operation methods of various analytical test methods and the correct use of instruments and measuring devices.Courseware includes six modules, such as sample collection and preparation technology, tomography separation technology, physical constant determination technology, organic compound quantitative analysis technology, gas analysis technology, commonly used sample decomposition methods, etc...
This courseware not only provides convenience for teachers' teaching and students' self-study, but also can play a good effect on the training work of the unit.

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