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questions :Perrux growth pole theory
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Growth pole theory

Narrow economic growth is extremely strong

There are three types, one is the industrial growth pole, the other is the urban growth pole, and the third is the potential economic growth pole.

Broad economic growth is extremely strong

It means that all the positive factors and growth points that can promote economic growth, including institutional innovation points, opening up to the outside world, consumption hot spots and so on.

Economic growth is extremely relative and varied, China's regional economic development strategy has experienced the dynamic development process of equilibrium (1950s-70s) -unbalanced coordination (90s), and the national conditions and regional conditions of the imbalance of large developing countries and regional economic development have determined that we should adopt the non-equilibrium regional economic development strategy based on the theory of growth pole.
The theory of growth pole extends from the concept of "magnetic pole" in physics, and holds that there are several centers or poles in the economic space of the force field, which produce various centrifugal and centrifugal forces similar to the "magnetic pole" effect, and that the attraction and repulsion of each center produce a certain range of "fields" that intersect each other. This growth can be either sectoral or regional. The main point of view of this theory is that regional economic development mainly depends on a few regions and a few industries with better conditions, and a few areas with good location conditions and a few industries with good conditions should be cultivated into economic growth poles. The basic points of the growth pole theory include:

(1) Its geographical space is represented by a certain scale of the city;
(2) There must be a leading industrial sector and an expanding industrial complex;

(3) Has diffusion and reflux effect.

There are three levels of growth pole system: leading industry growth; Industrial complex and growth; Growth pole growth and national economic growth.

Under this theoretical framework, economic growth is considered to be a point-to-face, local-to-whole progressive, organic system. Its material carrier or form of expression includes various types of towns, industries, departments, new industrial parks, economic cooperation zones and so on.

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