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questions :Scientific method of management
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(1) Through scientific observation, recording and analysis, committed to "time action research" to explore the best way to improve labor productivity, to develop a reasonable daily workload.
(2) Select and train first-class workers. A first-class worker is a worker who is suitable for a certain job and willing to work hard.
(3) To enable workers to master standardized operating methods, the use of standardized tools, machines and materials, in a standardized working environment.
(4) The use of stimulating wage compensation system to encourage workers to work hard. This is mainly achieved through the establishment of reasonable work quotas and the implementation of differential piecework: normal remuneration for the completion of tasks, failure to meet standards of low remuneration, over-standard high remuneration, measurement of performance and other basic measures.
(5) Both workers and employers should have a "spiritual revolution". The two sides work together to increase labor productivity and make the cake bigger, even if the distribution ratio does not change. Employers and employees should work together to improve labor productivity.
(6) Separate planning and executive functions and replace empirical working methods with scientific working methods.
(7) The implementation of functional foreman system. A foreman is responsible for the management of functions on the one hand, refining the management of the production process.
(8) The principle of exception is applied in management control. That is, day-to-day affairs are delegated to the department responsible, and managers reserve the right to dispose of exceptions or material matters only.

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