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Density: 0.78945 g/cm3; (Liquid) 20 degrees C

Melting point: -114.3 degrees C (158.8 K)

Boiling point: 78.4 degrees C (351.6 K)

When dissolved in water: pKa s 15.9

Viscosity: 1.200 mPa.s (cP), 20.0 degrees C

Molecular dipole moment: 5.64 (1.69 D) (gas)

Refractive index: 1.3614

Relative density (water: 1): 0.79

Relative vapor density (air: 1): 1.59

Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 5.33 (19 degrees C)

Burning heat (kJ/mol): 1365.5

Critical temperature: 243.1

Critical pressure (MPa): 6.38

The pair value of the syndol/water distribution coefficient: 0.32

Flash point: 12

Ignition temperature: 363

Explosion Cap %(V/V): 19.0

Lower explosion %(V/V): 3.3

Solubility: Mixed with water, can be mixed in ether, chloroform, glycerin and most other organic solvents.

Ionization: Non-electrolyte
Colorless, transparent, liquid with special fragrance (volatile), smaller density than water, can be dissolved with water at any ratio (generally can not be used as an extractor). It is an important solvent that dissolves a variety of organic and inorganic substances.

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