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questions :Written. Information about literature
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Written. Literature
(1) Books. Has the author, title, place of publication, publishing house, publishing age and other information.
(2) Journals. Have the journal name, journal year, volume, period, and even the page number of the document.
(3) Conference documents. Information on the minutes of meetings or the holding of the first sessions, the organizers of meetings, the venue, etc.
(4) Science and technology reports. Report numbers are generally marked, such as U.S. government work reports, AD reports. NASA reports, etc.
(5) Degree thesis. It is generally marked with the words Thesis or Discertation, and is marked with information such as the name of the degree thesis, the unit in which the degree was awarded, and the time of the degree award.
(6) Patent literature. Have a patent number, including patent country code, patent document publishing time and other information.


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