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Also known as "performance techniques". Writers and artists in the creation of the use of a variety of specific means of expression. In literary creation, there are narrative, description, fiction, baking, rendering, exaggeration, satire, lyricism, discussion, contrast and other methods.
There is a close dialectical relationship between artistic technique and content, and there are many dialectical relationships between artistic techniques, the function of which is to make the content of works of art fully and perfectly represented. With the development of artistic creation, artistic techniques are constantly enriched and updated. The application of artistic techniques must be subordinated to the expression of specific artistic content and adapted to the aesthetic ability of the appreciator. Proper use of artistic techniques can enhance the artistic expression and artistic appeal of art. In artistic creation, various artistic techniques are generally interactive, and are subject to the constraints of genres, that is, different genres have a focus on artistic techniques.Whether artistic techniques are used properly, skillfully, harmoniously and cleverly is one of the important signs to measure the artistic nature of works. Art techniques have historical inheritance, and different ethnic groups can learn from each other...


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