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questions :Absurd theater properties
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The main feature of absurdist drama
The anti-traditional drama school that arose in France in the 1950s, the French playwright Yunescu's "The Bald Girl" came out in 1950, Beckett made a splash on the French stage in 1953 with the play "Waiting for Godot", and in 1961 the British critic Eslin published "The Absurd Drama", which gave a theoretical summary and officially named such works. Since then, the absurdist drama has reached a stage of maturity and prosperity.Absurdist dramatists advocate pure drama, through direct metaphor to grasp the world, they give up image shaping and drama conflict, the use of fragmented stage intuitive scenes, strange and strange props, upside down dialogue, chaotic thinking, the performance of reality ugly and terror, life pain and despair, to achieve an abstract absurd effect. The philosophical basis of absurdist dramas representing writers such as Unescu and Beckett is existentialism, which refuses to reflect absurd life by traditional and rational means, and advocates the direct expression of absurd existence by absurd means. Its artistic characteristics are: (1) oppose the theatrical tradition, abandon the structure, language, plot logic, consistency...
(2) Commonly used symbolic, metaphorical methods to express the theme. (3) Express serious tragic themes in light-hearted comedy form. The writers are S. Beckett, E. Yunescu, J. Gene and others. Representative works include "Waiting for Godot," "The Bald Girl," "Chairs," "Balcony," "Screen" and so on. Absurdist drama enjoys a high reputation in western drama, but as a powerful theatrical trend has become a thing of the past.
Absurd: The intention is the disorganization of music, which was later extended to the disorder and meaninglessness of life. Absurdity itself represents the separation of the will of man's actions. In short, one's hopes of finding a place of value are frequently dashed, showing some absurdity. If we understand this definition, we know how to understand the work of the absurdists. The characters in their plays often lack purpose. Some attempts to seek their own meaning but fail, and most works often repeat some fundamentally meaningless actions and actions, asking whether the purpose and meaning of existence is itself a nihilism? Typical plays such as Beckett's await Gordo.Kafka's work is understandably classified as absurd, and the characters in his work act irrationally, lack the purpose, and often fail to change the status quo. such as Gregor's thirst for warmth...

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