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questions :trojan battles
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The Trojan War took place during the Mycenaean civilization. The Mycenaean civilization is the more developed civilization in the early days of the world, flourishing in the 15th to early 12th centuries BC, the peak period in the 13th century BC. The creators of this civilization proved to be one of the ancient Greeks, but at that time they did not have the name "Greeks", they were called the Akayas. The Akayas migrated from the Balkans to the central and southern parts of the ancient Greek peninsula around 1650 BC, where they established the world's first slavery state, the Kingdom of Mycenae.
In the 12th century B.C., the Mycenaean Kingdom clashed with countries off the southwestern coast of Asia-Aoki for maritime hegemony, most notably the Trojan War. Ten years of the Trojan War consumed a lot of Mycenaean power and left the once-glorious country in ruins. A war brought down a civilization, which is one reason why the Trojan War attracted much attention.


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