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Soybean fiber is a new type of recycled plant protein fiber made of soybean meal with degreased oil and fat as raw material, extracted plant globulin after synthesis, which is independently developed by China's textile science and technology workers, and has taken the lead in realizing industrial production of high-tech in the world, and is also the only fiber invention with complete intellectual property rights obtained in China so far.
Before becoming fiber, proteins and polymers are extracted from soybeans as raw materials, and high-tech treatments such as bioengineering are used to spin silk by wetting. This monofilament has fineness, light specific gravity, high tensile strength, strong acid and alkali resistance, and good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity. Superior to the feel of cashmere, the luster can be comparable to silk, the warmth of cotton and good skin affinity and other excellent properties, known as "the new century of healthy and comfortable environmental protection fiber".
With more than 50% of the soybean fiber and long-staple cotton blended high-support yarn, used to produce spring, autumn and winter thin fleece shirts, its smooth, light and soft, can retain the luster and delicacy of worsted fabrics, increase the smooth feel, is also the production of light and soft high-grade suits and coats ideal fabrics.

Fabrics made of soybean fiber intertwined with silk or blended with silk can not only maintain the characteristics of silk luster and flow, but also improve its drape, eliminate the characteristics of sweat stains and moisture absorption after skin, and is an ideal fabric for making high-end clothing such as pajamas, shirts, and evening dresses.
In addition, soybean fiber is blended with linen and other hemp fibers, which is an ideal fabric for making functional underwear and summer clothing; High-support yarn blended with cotton, it is an ideal material for making high-end shirts and high-end bedding; Or add a small amount of spandex, soft and comfortable to the hand, used to make T-shirts, underwear, beachwear, casual wear, sportswear, fashion women's wear, etc., very casual style.
Soybean protein fiber is by Mr. Li Guanqi, chairman of Huakang Group, after ten years of successful research and development, won the world invention patent gold award, Mr. Li Guanqi's invention has brought a new revolution to the textile industry, in the history of fiber material development and the history of man-made fiber invention to create four firsts.First, the first research successfully artificial plant protein fiber, and to achieve industrial development, before that, from the beginning of the last century, developed countries began to study this aspect, the United States, Japan and other countries in the middle of the last century to carry out soybean protein fiber research, the United States also for their soybean fiber name, but because of the failure to reach the technical indicators required for textiles and declared failure; Second, in the history of China's man-made fiber invention is the first person, soybean fiber is known as the world's eighth largest man-made fiber, the first seven kinds of polyester, nylon, spandex, acrylic, viscose, polypropylene, vinylon are foreign inventions, Li Guanqi for the Chinese in the history of man-made fiber invention for the first time to break through the record of zero; Third, as a non-professional inventor,Standing on the podium of the World Gold Awards for the first time; Fourth, as a farmer inventor, he first appeared on the podium of the national award,In addition, soy protein fiber is also the main raw material for general vegetarian meat. To manufacture soy protein fiber, the low-temperature defatted soybean is first added with water or dilute lye solution by stirring to take its solution. The solution is then diluted with acid to precipitate the soy protein. The sediment is washed with water, then dehydrated and dried, and then alkali is added to dissolve it and become a spinning liquid. The spinning solution is squeezed into the acetic acid solution containing table salt through the diaphragm with small holes, so that the protein coagulates and precipitates, forms a filament, and then further elongates to form fibers.

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