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questions :Genetic markers
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Molecular genetic markers are based on the polymorphisms of DNA fragment length caused by species mutations, and have many advantages; (1) directly detect differences in DNA levels, not limited by time and space; (2) rich in markers and high polymorphisms; (3) co-dominant markers, which can distinguish homozygotes from heterozygotes; (4) can explain the genetic variation of certain individuals in the family lineage; (5) individuals of different sexes and ages can be identified. With the development of genetic engineering, especially DNA recombinant technology, it has been confirmed that animals not only have polymorphisms such as coat color, body shape, blood type, chromosomes, etc., but also have POLYMORPHISM at the DNA level, especially after the 1980s, various genetic marker methods for studying DNA polymorphisms have developed extremely rapidly, and the application of molecular genetic markers to animal breeding has become a reality...


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