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questions :Does tenant have to pay normal sludge on rental vehicles?
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Should the tenant pay for the normal wear and tear of the rental vehicle?

See if there is an agreement between the two of you

Combined with the previous rental experience, the process of renting a car is very simple, and the procedures are not cumbersome, but according to the size of the car rental company, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to, especially in terms of vehicle procedures, insurance and other responsibilities need to be paid attention to to avoid unnecessary disputes.
The right to operate a taxi car refers to the right of a business operator to engage in business activities in the taxi industry for a period of time under the permission of the government. The right to operate a taxi is first of all licensed by the government; secondly, the right to operate a taxi is stipulated for a period of time, and the term provision (including long-term) is mainly to facilitate the government to redeploy and control resources, realize the survival of the fittest, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of the quality of service in the industry; and finally the main body of the right to operate is the operator, and the taxi operator in China is mainly an enterprise and individual.
Car rental should pay attention to: 1, before renting a car you should first understand the performance of the model you want to rent, the price and the documents required for renting a car. 2. When booking by phone, you need to leave detailed relevant information, which is ready for emergency. 3. Reservations should be made 1 or 2 days in advance, and weekend vehicles should be booked 2 or 3 days in advance. 4. The number of days to use the car should be set at least the minimum number of days, if it is not enough, it should be renewed by phone before the return time. 5. When picking up the car, you need to bring all the documents, most of which must be original.

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