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questions :a time used the bayoneta?
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When was the bayonet used?

There are two theories in Europe about the birth of the real bayonet: one was invented in 1610 by an unknown Frenchman; Another theory was invented in 1640 by the French officer Marache dei Piségui. But both theories believe that the birth of the world's first bayonet was the French town of Bayonne, so Europe and the United States called the bayonet "Bayonet". The earliest bayonets were double-edged straight knives, about 1 foot long, and the tapered wooden hilt was also about 1 foot long, which could be inserted into the muzzle of a smoothbore gun.

Whether or not Pissegue was the inventor of the first bayonet, he was the first to equip the plug-in bayonet with troops. In 1642, Piségui, who had become a field marshal, led an army in attacking Ypres, Belgium. Equipped the musketeers with bayonets, so that there was no longer a need to use spearmen to protect musketeers.

However, the plug-in bayonet has the disadvantages of not being tightly connected and hindering shooting. In 1688, the French military engineer and Field Marshal de Vauban invented a sleeve-type bayonet with a special casing to fix the bayonet to the outside of the barrel. On November 15, 1703, at the Battle of the Speierbach River in western Germany, French infantry charged for the first time with bayonets and defeated the Prussian army. Since then, bayonets have been widely equipped with the armies of major European countries, and spears have been eliminated from the equipment of soldiers.
Later, the armies of various countries made many improvements and refinements to the bayonet. After the 1950s, with the automation of rifles and the increase in the density of various firepower on the battlefield, the role and status of the bayonet declined, but it was still an indispensable weapon for infantry to fight face to face.

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