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questions :Define the environment
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1. Places around.

The New Book of Tang and the Biography of Wang Ning: "When the environment in southern Jiangsu was a pirate area, the quarrying was based on crossbows, Zhang Zhizhi, and dispatched the general Ma Ying and the siege of Hezhou. Song Hongmai "Yijian Jiazhi Zongben Meets Strangers": "In February, the environment was pirated, and Yiluo burned Liu Wuyu. Qing Fangbao's "Table of The Tomb of Bingbu Shangshu Fan": "Lu Kui Mountain Thieves have been environmentally harmful for two hundred years, and they will be cared for." ”

2. Surround the area under its jurisdiction.
"Yuan Shi Yu Que Biography": "Arriving at the official for ten days and refusing to do so, it is a collection of you and the generals to discuss the tun tian battle plan, build a fortress in the environment, select fine armor and foreign blades, and cultivate them." Qing Liu Da xun "Yanshi ZhiXian Lu Jun Biography": "Junzhi Unruly Yanshi, the first out of shaanxi Longxi County, Kou thief environment. ”

3. Surrounding natural and social conditions.
Cai Yuanpei's "< The Complete Works of Mr. Lu Xun> Preface": "'On the Yin Road of the Mountains, Thousands of Rocks Compete for Show, Thousands of Valleys Compete for The Stream, and People Are Overwhelmed'; there is such an environment, so there have been famous writers and artists throughout the ages, among which such works as Wang Yishao's books and Lu Fangweng's poems are particularly popular works. Mao Dun's "Analysis of Youth's Distress": "Only by constantly struggling with the environment can you grow up." ”

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