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questions :Why there are very blurry pictures
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1. The lens glass on the back of the phone is dirty, and if it is not cleaned before taking pictures, it will seriously affect the picture quality and clarity, resulting in a blurry effect. And some mobile phone lens protection film material is poor, easier to scratch, such as Honor 10, do not know whether it is resin or plastic, spent half a year on the use of photos and cottage machines have a fight, it is recommended to buy a mobile phone before understanding clearly

2. Focus error Mobile phone focus is not very smart, if there is no correct focus, the picture will also appear blurry. For example, when shooting close-up objects, the phone may prioritize focusing on the distant view, and if it is not corrected, the subject of the shooting will look blurry. At this point, tap the screen to focus manually.
3. Lens shaking Relatively speaking, the speed of the mobile phone focus is still not fast enough, and it is light, so it is easier to produce shaking when shooting - especially when pressing the shutter - resulting in blurred picture. If you are shooting in a low-light environment, this situation has a higher probability of happening. In order to reduce the impact of lens shaking on the camera, if possible, the mobile phone can be fixed with a bracket, or other ways to fix the arm, such as the arm against the wall, but also reliable on the shoulder of the companion.
4. The subject is moving If the subject is moving, then the simple optical image stabilization is useless, and can only comprehensively improve the quality of the lens. In fact, mobile phones with phase focus are relatively OK. In addition, if you shoot moving objects, it is best to be in a good place (or fill the light for people), so that the exposure time is short, and the impact can be reduced.

5. Open the large aperture

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