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questions :pesticide pollution
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Refers to the pollution of the environment and organisms caused by pesticides or their harmful metabolites and degradants.
After the pesticide is applied, a part of it is attached to the plant body, or infiltrates into the body of the plant and remains, so that grain, vegetables, fruits, etc. are contaminated; The other part is scattered on the soil (sometimes directly applied to the soil) or evaporates, disperses into the air, or flows into rivers and lakes with rainwater and farmland drainage, polluting water bodies and aquatic organisms. Residual pesticides in agricultural products pass through feed and contaminate livestock products. Pesticide residues pass through the atmosphere, water, soil, food, and eventually enter the human body, causing various chronic or acute diseases. Pesticides that are easy to cause environmental pollution and greater harm are mainly those that are stable in nature, are not easy to degrade and transform in the environment or organisms, and have certain toxicity, such as persistent high residue pesticides such as DDT.To this end, the study and screening of highly efficient, low toxicity, low residue and high selectivity (i.e., non-broad-spectrum) new pesticides has become an important topic today...
It is a phenomenon of pesticides and their degradation in the natural environment, polluting the atmosphere, water and soil, destroying ecosystems, and causing acute or chronic poisoning of people, animals and plants. Pesticides are divided into organic pesticides and inorganic pesticides. Pollution is mainly caused by organochlorine pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides and organic nitrogen pesticides. There are many reasons for pesticide pollution, such as the long-term use of some banned highly toxic and high residue pesticides, or indiscriminate use on crops.

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