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questions :What is the purpose of a sponsorship?
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1. Advertise through sponsored activities to enhance the persuasiveness and influence of advertising. On the one hand, it can benefit the public by sponsoring activities as a carrier of advertising and publicity, so as to win the general favor of the public; On the other hand, the effectiveness of advertising can be improved through the "naming rights" obtained by sponsorship.

2. Establish a good image of the organization caring for social welfare undertakings. Modern enterprises should not only make profits, but also assume certain social responsibilities and obligations. Sponsoring social activities is one of the ways in which enterprises express their responsibilities and obligations to the society. The development of sponsorship activities helps enterprises to win the support of the government and the community, thus creating a relatively relaxed social environment for the survival and development of enterprise organizations.
3. Cultivate good feelings with the public. Holding sponsorship activities that are closely related to the public can effectively cultivate the feelings of social organizations and the public, enhance friendship between each other, strengthen the ties between the two sides, and enable the public to identify with social organizations in their hearts.

4. Create news effects, expand the awareness of social organizations, and improve the reputation of organizations in the public.

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