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questions :Difference between active execution and safe execution
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The difference between active acidity and safe acidity

Active acidity is also known as effective acidity.
  Acidity caused by the concentration of H in the solution. The so-called "soil pH value" is the negative logarithm of the H concentration of the soil solution, and the formula is shown in the figure on the right. According to the size of the active acidity, the soil can be divided into acidic soil, neutral soil and alkaline soil.
  Refers to the acidity produced by hydrogen in an ionic state in natural aqueous and soil solutions in the environment.
  It is usually expressed as the negative logarithm (pH value) of the hydrogen ion concentration, and the size of the pH value reflects the characteristics of the composition of substances in the environment.
  The pH of the natural aqueous solution is closely related to the carbonic acid content in different compound states.
  The pH of soil solutions is closely related to the content of moisture, carbon dioxide, various electrolytes and colloids.
  The pH of the environment determines the migration ability of chemical elements, and many elements form soluble compounds in strongly acidic environments and insoluble compounds in neutral or partially alkaline environments.


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