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questions :Importance of Energy Conservation
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Energy saving and emission reduction start from me!! Since I was a child, I have known that the earth's resources are limited, as middle school students, we should cherish these priceless treasures, energy conservation and emission reduction are closely related to the lives of each of us, why do many people go to Europe and say that it is like paradise? Why is Europe's ecology so good? Because European people attach importance to the ecological environment!We should also establish such environmental awareness, as soon as possible to form a good habit, along with the rapid development of the economy and society, due to the excessive pursuit of development of the speed of satisfaction and development of human beings and ignore or dilute the negative effects it brings, even in the great satisfaction of their own materialistic desires at the same time, but also to their future development laid a lot of hidden dangers, these problems over time exposed more and more obvious, until the threat to the survival of human beings, such as the emergence of the greenhouse effect, water pollution and other issues!To some extent, these problems are attributed to people's one-sided understanding of development, believing that as long as the economy develops, all problems can be solved and environmental protection is ignored. Energy conservation and emission reduction are not only problems caused by environmental pollution caused by enterprise production and automobile exhaust emissions. The main body of society is people, the main body of energy conservation and emission reduction must also be people, energy conservation and emission reduction must start from each one. Due to the lack of understanding or neglect of individuals, even if a water, electricity, etc. is wasted in vain, and the car is mercilessly emitting black smoke. ... Therefore, energy conservation and emission reduction are everyone's responsibility and need everyone's participation.No matter what we do, we should put environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction in the first place, and do not forget the principle of people-oriented and scientific development for the sake of industrial and social development. The future master of the country is us, energy conservation and emission reduction is not an empty word, to implement everyone's behavior, the behavior of each team, first of all, we must start from the education of our "next generation", truly establish the concept of breathing with Mother Earth and sharing the fate, and turn this awareness into a natural behavior habit in daily work and life.Energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental problems, is not what a person, a few people or some people need, nor is it a matter of one person, several people or some people, nor can it be solved by one person, several people or some people. In order to solve environmental problems, we must start from each individual, from raising everyone's understanding, from changing everyone's habits. Living in the 21st century, we should better protect these hard-won resources that have been formed over a long period of time, and do not let this beautiful earth be polluted again, let us build a beautiful society!..

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