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The green boiler does not eat coal, only molded particles made of straw and wood chips. In Chengyang, Mr. Gao pointed to a stainless steel boiler similar to a "cabinet" and said that how to deal with straw after the autumn harvest and waste from the wood factory has always been a headache;

The old man in the island city who is over 60 years old invents a new type of boiler - green boiler to turn straw into "green coal"

"This boiler, especially the straw, has a lot to do with the smog in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region every autumn. He invented this biomass-burning pellet heating hot water dual-purpose furnace that can "turn waste into treasure", turning straw into clean "green coal", heating and providing hot water for the home.

The new boilers are virtually smoke-free
Mr. Gao majored in thermal engineering in college and has been engaged in the development of water heaters since graduation. He found that biomass renewable energy is sweeping the world, and he came up with the idea of building a "green boiler".

"According to the information I have learned, China can collect 600 million tons of straw per year, and if 20% is used for clean fuel, it can save 60 million tons of standard coal per year." He said that the utilization rate of straw is extremely low, and it is either burned directly or rotted in the ground, resulting in a huge waste of resources. If farmers are guided to use this energy, there can be huge economic and social benefits.
The reporter saw two boiler samples in Mr. Gao's office, one large and one small, different from the traditional circular boiler in the impression, this boiler is more like a cabinet, the large height is 167 cm, the width is 33 cm, the thickness is 60 cm, the temperature controller is installed on it, and the bottom feed port is like a drawer. "This design takes up less space and is also convenient for placing at home." He said that the boiler is easy to use, can be set after the temperature can be burned autonomously, and can also be automatically fed.

A reporter saw that the large boiler connected to the office area of 10 groups of 2-meter-long steel plate radiator, in order to verify the performance of the boiler, Mr. Gao deliberately ignited it, and set the temperature at 85 degrees, less than half an hour, the radiator in the house was all hot, hot to the touch.
"The boiler is equipped with air many times, burns sufficiently, and uses clean energy, so the soot is very small, and there is no sulfur dioxide produced by burning coal, and almost no dust slag is generated, and the dust slag produced in half an hour is less than 10 grams." He said. Mr. Gao also showed reporters the test report of the Beijing authority, the concentration of soot 38mg/m3, nitrogen oxides 99mg/m3, and zero sulfur dioxide emissions; Both are superior to the lower standard limit.

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