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Parrots can open cans, the Internet can find a video of parrots opening cans, but this is not all parrots will, should only be a special skill of individual parrots.
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The Battle of Canni, which took place in 216 BC, was the main battle of the Second Punic War. Previously, the Carthaginian army commander Hannibal invaded Italy and repeatedly defeated the Roman army. In order to cut off Rome's food supply and further demoralize it, Hannibal marched to the Roman granary of Canny in southern Italy. On August 2, the Carthaginian army met the Roman army and the great war broke out. Hannibal strategized and succeeded in defeating the army led by the Roman consuls Paulus and Varro with fewer victories. Although the battle did not lead to the complete defeat of Rome by Carthage, Hannibal's skillful use of tactics has made it one of the greatest battles in military history.
After recovering from the fiasco at the Battle of Trabia (218 BC) and the Battle of Lake Trasimeno (217 BC), the Romans intended to fight Hannibal at Canny and sent some 87,000 Roman allies to battle. The Roman army placed the right flank near the Orpheus River, the cavalry on both flanks, and the heavy infantry concentrated in the middle. In order to deal with the Roman position, Hannibal used a double-enveloping strategy, placing the most unreliable 25,000 Gallic recruits in the middle army, and mixing them with 8,000 battle-hardened Spanish heavy soldiers. And the army is not a straight line, but a bow-shaped formation protruding from the center to lure the enemy to attack. The elite cavalry, on the other hand, was placed on both flanks for envelopment purposes.At the beginning of the war, the Carthaginian Chinese army was inferior to the superior strength of the Roman Chinese army and retreated. But the Romans soon fell into a huge concave center, while the carthaginian central infantry and the cavalry on both wings advanced from the middle, and as a result surrounded the Roman army. The Roman army had nowhere to retreat, and as a result it was divided by the Carthaginian army, breaking through them one by one. Eventually, about 60,000 to 70,000 Roman soldiers were killed, along with the consul Bolus and eighty members of the Senate...
Time of occurrence

216 BC


Canney City

Warring parties

Carthaginian army, Roman army


The Carthaginian army won

The strength of the participating parties

Rome 80000
Carthage 40000


Romans were killed and captured 75,000
Carthage killed 6,000

Principal Commander

Paulus, Hannibal

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