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questions :Enzyme electrode
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The original electrode is covered with a membrane made of enzymes, many organics react with oxygen under the catalysis of the enzyme, release NH3, H2O2, CO2, etc., they are dissolved into the internal electrolyte, and their changes are measured by the relevant ion-selective electrodes, thereby determining the organic matter. Due to the strong specificity of the enzyme, the selectivity of the enzyme electrode is particularly good. There are dozens of enzyme electrodes, which can measure some biochemical system substances, such as urea, glucose, amino acids, cholesterol, penicillin, bitter kernel glycosides and the like.
An enzyme electrode is an ion-selective electrode with a thin layer of enzyme-containing gel or suspension on the surface of the electrode-sensitive membrane. During measurement, the substance to be measured in the sample diffuses to the membrane surface, reacts under the catalytic action of enzymes, and the product is responded by the ion electrode, and the concentration of the analyte in the sample can be found by measuring the corresponding potential. The enzyme electrode is selective, the measurement speed is fast, the use is convenient, does not destroy the sample, especially can be used for the continuous monitoring of a component in the biological solution of living tissue, so that it can play an important role in biochemical research, biological monitoring and so on.
The electrode design includes an enzyme specifically designed to determine the concentration of reactants or products in reactions catalyzed by that enzyme. Enzymes are often placed in the gel interstitium around the electrode or in a liquid membrane in the cellophane membrane around the electrode. If the immobilized glucose oxidase gel film is wrapped on the polarograph oxygen electrode, it constitutes an enzyme electrode, which is placed in a glucose solution to determine the content of glucose.

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