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Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to humans and animals, in the intestine, maintain colony balance, have a two-way regulatory effect: help eliminate diarrhea, eliminate constipation. And thyme sugar is a substance that is good for probiotics, probiotics feed on these substances, the human body will not digest thyme sugar, prebiotics will reach the intestine, feeding probiotics, is conducive to the growth of probiotics. The essence of the two substances is different, but the final result will play a role in two-way regulation, the degree of action is different, and the effect of taking it together is excellent.

Thromrose is a functional oligosaccharide and does not have any dependence. Because the beneficial bacteria in the intestine are also the same as us, we have to eat every day, do not eat a meal, may also be malnourished, for a long time do not eat, the beneficial bacteria will be starved to death. So we should insist on giving them enough rations to keep them healthy, and throw peaches at Bifidobacterium, and Bifidobacterium will repay your health.
Although our food such as cereals, vegetables also contain certain substances that can be eaten by beneficial bacteria, but now the proportion of grains and vegetables eaten daily is small, food processing is too fine, additives, pesticide residues are more, beneficial bacteria work under such "harsh" conditions, for them to increase nutrition, supplementing sudyan is very important.

◆ Targeted colonization, the effect is obvious.

Compared with probiotic products such as yogurt: most of the bacteria are inactivated when bifidobacteria pass through stomach acid, and such bacteria are very sensitive to oxygen, and few actually reach the intestine; Hydrothrime has good stability and can colonize all parts of the intestine.

◆ Rapid action, safe and reliable.
Compared with ordinary prebiotics: it can multiply beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium at a rate of 40 times, and the effect is fast and there is no feeling of bloating and discomfort.

Derived from natural plants, it is safe and no side effects.
[Visitor (112.0.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2022-05-12
Water Su

Move in from the dish department here.

Ji Su ("Wu Pu"), Xiang Su ("After the Elbow"), Dragon Brain Mint ("Daily Use"), Mustard (Yinzu), Mustard Tho (and "Beilu").
Shi Zhen said: This grass is like a Su and is good to live next to the water, so it is called Water Su. Its leaves are fragrant and can cook chicken, so it has the names of dragon brain, xiang su and chicken su. Mustard and mustard are regarded as mustard su, but they are one and mistakenly recorded, and they are also named because the taste is spicy as mustard. Song "Huimin and Pharmacy Bureau Fang", there are dragon brain mint pills, specializing in the treatment of blood diseases. Yuan Wurui's "Daily Materia Medica", which is called shuisu, must have some evidence. Zhou Dingwang's "Saving the Wilderness Materia Medica", saying that mint is chicken Su, is based on the fact that the person who was born in Dongping Dragon Brain Gang is good, hence the name; Chen Jiamo's "Materia Medica Mengzhi", planted with mint in Suzhou Province, the place name Dragon Brain, got different names, what is the name?

"Beilu" said: Mizu Susheng Jiuzhen Ikezawa. Harvested in July.
Hongjing Yue: The prescription medicine is not used, and it is impossible to recognize; the Nine Truths are far away and cannot be visited.
Gong Yue: This Su gives birth to the water side of ze, the seedlings are like a spiral, the two leaves are equal, and the big fragrant fu. Qing, Qi, and Hejian are named Shui Su, Jiang Zuo is called Shui Su, Wu will be called Chicken Su, and Tao is even more in the vegetable department to produce Chicken Su, mistakenly.
Baosheng Yue: The leaves resemble white weeds, the two leaves are equal, the peanuts are inter-node, purple and white, the taste is spicy and fragrant, and the stems and leaves are picked in June and dried in the sun.
Song Yue: Water sus are everywhere, and there are many life next to the water's shore. Southerners mostly cook. There are many people in the north of the river, and people do not take food. The Jiangzuo people called chicken Su and Shui Su two kinds. Chen Zang is said to be a thing, not a water su. The leaves have goose teeth, fragrant and spicy, and the leaves are hairy, slightly longer, and smelly. And Yin Chen Zhuyun: The yin chen used in Jiangnan, the stems and leaves are like the home yin chen and large, three or four feet high, the qi is extremely fragrant, the taste is sweet and spicy, and the common name is dragon brain mint.
Zong: The smell of perilla is different from that of perilla. Xin is not harmonious, but the shape is like Su, but the face is not purple, and the surrounding teeth are like goose teeth ears.
Rui Yue: Water Su is chicken Su, commonly known as Dragon Brain Mint.
Shi Zhen yue: Water Su, Water Su, One kind of two kinds of Er. The water is fragrant, and the smell is different. Water Su seedlings grow in March, the square stem is empty, and the leaves are like Su leaves and slightly long. Dense teeth, wrinkled blue face, on the festival, very intense, in June and July flowering into spikes, such as Su spikes, water red.
There are thin seeds in the spikes, shaped like wattle mustard seeds, which can be planted and easy to grow, and the roots are also self-generating. The fertile seedlings are four or five feet tall.


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