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questions :Gynaecologist surgery
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Gynecological surgery is mostly outpatient minor surgery, such as vaginal polyps, vestibular glandular cysts, vulvar paraphyte removal, cervical biopsy, cervical cysts, placement or removal of IUD, artificial abortion, diagnostic curettage, tubal fluid, etc., these operations are relatively simple and can generally be completed in outpatient clinics. Gynecologic plastic surgery includes hymen repair, vaginal reduction, labiaplasty, etc. Gynecological surgeries that require hospitalization include uterine fibroidectomy, ovarian cyst removal, termination of pregnancy in the month of the month, ectopic pregnancy surgery, total hysterectomy or subtotal resection, and gynecological malignancy surgery. For surgeries that require anesthesia, fasting and water should be fasted before surgery, and regularly reviewed after surgery in accordance with medical advice.


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