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questions :description of the refractometer
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1. Large LCD display screen, can display refractive index, Brix, concentration.

2. Built-in constant temperature control, total reflection measurement, easy to operate, fast measurement time.

3. There is no need to replace the bulb with led light source, and the sapphire measuring prism is wear-resistant.

4. Comply with GLP specifications, store results, inspection and correction records.

5. Optional multi-sample automatic injection device, and external density meter/hydrometer.

6. Enter a comparison table of refractive index and concentration to convert the concentration of the specimen.

Technical specifications

Measurement range: refractive index: 1.32000~1.58000nD, Brix: 0~100[%].

Accuracy: Refractive index: ±0.00005nD, Brix: ±0.03[%].

Repeatability: Refractive index: ±0.00002nD, Brix: ±0.01[%].

Resolution: Refractive index: 0.00001nD, Brix: 0.01 [%].
Temperature range: 15~50°C (built-in temperature control).

Temperature precision: ±0.05°C.

Temperature resolution: 0.01°C.

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