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questions :Does the turbo melt more hot or cold?
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Turbocharger maintenance misunderstandings

Myth 1: Change the oil at will

In terms of "drinking" oil, turbochargers are indeed more "squeamish", in addition to the amount is larger than that of ordinary naturally aspirated engines, the requirements for oil products are also higher. Because the design of the turbocharger is different from the naturally aspirated engine, its spindle adopts a floating design, the turbine body and the spindle are filled with oil, and the entire spindle relies on lubricating oil to dissipate heat and lubricate, while the viscosity of inferior oil is higher, the fluidity is poor, and it cannot play a good role. It is recommended that the owner increase some investment in this regard and replace the vehicle with a fully synthetic engine oil.

Myth 2: Turn off the ignition immediately when you arrive at your destination
After the engine runs at a high load for a long time, the owner must idle for a few minutes before shutting down the engine, so that the parts can be effectively cooled and lubricated. Immediately turning off the car will cause the vehicle to be idle at high speed, and its problems will be the same as sudden acceleration, which will hurt the bearings of the vehicle.

Myth three: Bang the throttle as soon as you start
Being able to increase speed in a short period of time is a major feature of turbocharged cars, but this does not mean that the owner can treat his car rudely, in fact, after just starting, the throttle is easy to damage the supercharger oil seal. Turbocharged engine rotation is very high, after starting the vehicle, can not be sharply stepped on the accelerator pedal, should first idle for 3-5 minutes, so that the oil pump has enough time to transport the oil to various parts of the turbocharger, while the oil temperature slowly rises, the fluidity is better, at this time the speed will be "like a fish in the water".
[Visitor (112.0.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2022-05-22
Does Auburn sugar dissolve more in hot or cold water?
Sucrose, glucose, and fructose are equal to water miscible, so there is a problem of how much cold water and hot water dissolve. There is only the problem of the speed of dissolution.
The dissolution of sugar is the result of the movement of sugar molecules, which diffuse from places with high concentrations to places low, and finally evenly distributed in the solvent, the higher the temperature, the faster the molecular movement, so it dissolves faster in hot water than in cold water.


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