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questions :Chemical formula of chaluve pudya
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Materia Medica - Platycodon

「Explanation of Name」
White Medicine (Beilu), Stalk Herb (Beilu), and Shu (Benjing).
Shi Zhen said: The roots of this grass are strong and straight, hence the name. "Wu Pu Bencao" is a Li Ru, a Fu Hu, a Fang Tu, Fang Shu is not seen, and Gai Yi is also thin. Kirito and chestnut are one kind of, there are two kinds of sweet and bitter, so the "Benjing" orange stem is a thorn, and now it is commonly called a sweet orange stem. Until the "Beilu" began to appear, it was divided into two things, but its sexual taste and function were different, and it should be taken as the "Beilu".

"Collective Solution"
"Beilu" said: Orange stem, raw Song high valley and unjust sentence. In February and August, the roots are picked and dried.
Pu Yue: leaves such as wattles, stems like pen tubes, purple-red, February seedlings.
Hongjing Yue: There are seedlings everywhere in the near road, and they can be cooked in February and March. Kirito cures poison, very tested. The common side uses this as a name. Nowadays, there is no water chestnut, which can detoxify the poison, but can mess with ginseng, and the leaves are very similar. However, the bright and smooth under the leaves is hairless, and the leaves are not as good as the ginseng opposite the ears.
Congratulations: Chestnut and orange stems, there are differences in leaves, there are also three or four pairs of leaves, all of which are straight up, and the leaves are chaotic, but the root has a heart as a different ear.
Ode: Now there is everywhere. The roots are as large as little fingers, yellowish white. Spring seedlings, stems high and more than a foot high. The leaves resemble apricot leaves and are long and oval, and the four leaves are opposite to each other, and can be cooked when they are tender. The small flowers in summer are purple and blue, quite like morning glory flowers, and they bear fruit in autumn. In August, the roots are picked, and their roots have a heart, and those who have no heart are flies. The orange stem from Guanzhong has a yellow bark and resembles a hollyhock root. The stem is thin and cyan. The leaves are small, cyan, and chrysanthemum-like leaves also.


A: Do not use a wooden stem, it is really like a orange stem, but the bite is fishy. Where an orange stem is used, it must be removed from the tip of the head for two or three minutes, and the branches are attached on both sides. A fine file is placed on a locust anvil, mashed with raw lilies, filtered out when immersed in water for one volt, and simmered on a slow heat to dry. Four or two for each orange stalk, with lilies two or two five dollars.
Shi Zhen said: Now but scrape off the floating skin, soak the rice swill in water overnight, slice and stir-fry.

Spicy, slightly warm, with a little poison. Pu Yue: Shennong, Yihe: bitter, non-toxic; Yellow Emperor, Bian Que: Xin, Xian; Qi Bo, Lei Gong: Gan, non-toxic. Lee Dangzhi: Great cold. Quan Yue: Bitter, hard. Shi Zhen said: When suffering, hardness, and peace are the right.
Talent: The knots are made for it. Avoid pork with white mustard, longan and gentian. Get oysters, distant aspirations, cure anger; get saltpeter plaster, cure typhoid fever. White porridge detoxifies it.
Shi Zhen yue: Fu Arsenic. Xu Zhicai did not know what it was.

Chest pain is like a knife stab, abdomen is full of intestines, panic and throbbing (Benjing).
Benefit the five visceral intestines and stomach, replenish blood and qi, remove cold and hot wind paralysis, eliminate valley in temperature, cure sore throat and throat, and poison ("Beilu"). Cure diarrhea, break blood to accumulate qi, eliminate the accumulation of phlegm and saliva, go to the lungs to promote cough rebellion, remove cold pain in the abdomen, the main evil and pediatric epilepsy (Zhen Quan).
Under all qi, stop cholera tendons, abdominal distention and pain, replenish the five labors, nourish the qi, remove evil spirits and dispel warmth, break the disease and fistula, nourish the blood and drain the pus, fill the internal leakage and laryngeal paralysis (Daming). Tips, in addition to pulmonary wind and fever, clear the head of the pharynx, chest stagnation and pain, remove nasal congestion (element).
Cure cold vomiting (Li Gao). The main mouth and tongue are sore, and the red eyes are swollen and painful (Shi Zhen).

Good ancient saying: The orange stem is slightly warm, the taste is bitter and spicy, the taste is strong and light, the yin in the yang, and the liter. Start with taiyin lung meridian qi and foot less yin meridian.
Element: Orange stem clear lung qi, sharp throat, its color is white, so it is a lung meridian.
Walking with licorice, it is the agent of the boat. If the medicine of rhubarb is bitter and discharged, if it wants to lead to the highest point in the chest, it must be promoted with the agent of xingan. For example, iron and stone enter the river, and the non-boat is not loaded. Therefore, the medicines have this taste and cannot sink also.
Shi Zhen yue: Zhu Qiu's "Book of the Living Man" treats the chest full of pain, using orange stems and citrus shells, taking its lungs and diaphragm under the qi also. Zhang Zhongjing's "Treatise on Typhoid Fever" cures the cold and solid chest, using orange stems, shellfish, croton, and taking their warm valleys to break the accumulation. Also cure pulmonary carbuncle saliva pus, with platycodon, licorice, take its bitter and hard to clear the lungs, sweet and warm diarrhea, but also can drain pus and blood, fill the internal leakage also. Its treatment of less yin evidence two or three days of sore throat, but also use orange stem, licorice, take its bitter and hard to disperse the cold, ganping to remove heat, combined with it, can adjust the cold and heat also. Later generations changed their name to ganju soup, which treated diseases of the throat and tongue. Song Renzong added mustard, windproof, and forsythia, so the name was like a holy soup, and it was extremely true.Press: Wang Haogu's "Medical Fortress Yuanrong" contains a lot of details, cloud loss of sound, plus hako; sound can not come out, add half a summer; shang qi, add tangerine peel; salivation, add zhimu, shell mother; cough thirst, add schisandra; wine poison, add kudzu root; less qi, add ginseng; vomit, add half summer, ginger; spit pus blood, add aster; tuberculosis, add ejiao; chest unfavorable, add citrus shell; heart and chest full, add citrus fruit; red eyes, add gardenia, rhubarb; swollen face, add poria, skin pain, add yellow; spots, add windproof, thorn mustard; epidemic poison, add rat sticky, rhubarb; sleepless, Add gardenia. Zhen Heng said: Dry cough, is the evil of phlegm fire in the lungs, it is advisable to open it with bitter stems; diarrhea abdominal pain, is the golden qi of the lungs in the large intestine, it is also advisable to open the bitter stem, and then use diarrhea medicine.This medicine can open up qi and blood, so it should be used in qi medicine...
「Affiliated Party」
Old ten, new eight. Chest full of pain: orange stem, citrus shell equal parts. Water for two hours, fry for one hour, serve warmly. ("Nanyang Book of the Living") Typhoid bloating: Yin and yang discord also, orange stem half summer soup master. Three dollars each for orange stems, half summer, tangerine peel, and five slices of ginger.
Water for two hours, fry for one hour. (The Book of the Living Man of Nanyang)
Sputum wheezing: kirito one or two halves. For the end. Use the boy to urinate half a liter, fry the four, go to the water, warm serve. ("Briefly Help the Crowd") Pulmonary carbuncle cough: the chest is full of cold, the pulse number is dry, not thirsty, the time out of the turbid spit smell, for a long time spit pus such as japonica rice porridge, orange stem soup master. Platycodon one or two, licorice two two. Three liters of water, cook one liter, divide and serve again. Vomiting pus and blood in the twilight is a fistula.(Zhang Zhongjing," Jin KuiYu Han Fang) Laryngeal venom gas: Kirito two two. Three liters of water, one liter of fried, one liter of food. ("Qianjin Fang") Less yin sore throat: less yin evidence, two or three days, sore throat, can be with licorice soup; those who are not sick, and the orange stem soup master. Platycodon one or two, licorice two two. Three liters of water, one liter of boiling, divided into servings. (Zhang Zhongjing's "On Typhoid Fever") Mouth and tongue sores: Fang ibid.Tooth swelling and pain: platycodon, coix seed aliquot...
Serve for the end. ("Yong Class Fang") Bone groove wind pain, tooth root swelling and pain: orange stem is the end, jujube and pill soap are large. Cotton wrapped in bites. Still gargling with mustard soup. ("Behind the Experience") Tooth chancre stinks: orange stalk, fennel equal parts. Burn and apply. ("Hygiene Easy Simple Formula")
Liver wind and black eyes: eye pain, liver wind Shengya, orange stem pills mainly. One pound of orange stalks, three or two black morning glory (head end), for the end, honey pills Wu Zi is large. Take 40 pills per serving, under warm water, 2 times a day. ("Life Preservation Collection") Nose out of the blood: orange stem is the end, water serve square inch dagger, four times a day. One Plus raw rhinoceros horn crumbs. ("Pu Ji Fang") vomiting blood under the blood: Fang ditto. Fight against stasis in the intestine, which does not disappear for a long time, when initiated. The orange stem is the end, and the rice soup is next to the knife. ("The Elbow Behind the Elbow") in the blood like chicken liver, day and night bleeding stone remains, all four organs are damaged, but the heart is not destroyed, or the nose is broken will be dead. Bitter orange stems are the end, and the wine is served square inch dagger, three times a day. It is not possible to prescribe medicine and to irrigate it with substances.
When the heart is troubled, it must be self-determined, and it will stop for seven days. When eating pork liver to supplement it. Divine conscience. One side adds rhino horn equals. (Ancient and Modern Recordings)
Pregnancy is evil, abdominal pain: platycodon one or two (file). One hour of water, three slices of ginger, fry for six minutes, serve warm. ("Saint Huifang")
Children's guests, death can not say: orange stem (burning research) three dollars, rice soup to serve. Still swallow a little musk. (Zhang Wenzhong, "Preparing for emergencies")

Reed head

Spit on the diaphragm wind hot phlegm solid, raw research, white soup mixed with one or two dollars, probe vomit (Shi Zhen).
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Saliva powder chemical formula


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